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Your Trusted Construction Cleaning Specialists in Lewisville, NC

When your home is not getting the attention it needs, the hygiene of your living spaces may be compromised. On the other hand, if your commercial property is not regularly cleaned, the image of your business may be affected. Let cleaning experts help you! Minerva's Cleaning Service, Inc. offers several expert cleaning solutions to customers in Lewisville, NC, that range from construction cleaning to window washing. Continue reading for more details!

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Our Excellent Services

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

It is no easy task to keep a home in spotless condition all the time. People sometimes cannot invest as much time and effort in cleaning chores, but with our excellent residential cleaning solutions, they don't have to! Our professional team is prepared to take on any cleaning challenge in your home!
Commercial Cleaning 

Commercial Cleaning

There is always movement in commercial premises, and the coming and going people cause a lot of dirt to accumulate on floors and surfaces. Keep an eye on your business image by hiring our dependable commercial cleaning services. We are ready to achieve impeccable working spaces!
New Construction Cleaning

New Construction Cleaning

If you are about to move to a new house or office, but the construction has just been finished, you need to make sure to remove all the dust from the surfaces before bringing in your furniture. Our excellent company can come to your rescue with our outstanding new construction cleaning services!
Window Cleaning 

Window Cleaning

There are no impeccable homes or businesses without squeaky-clean windows. You don't have to fight against fingerprints, grease marks, and dust stuck to the glass; we are window cleaning professionals who can help you! We promise we will deliver absolutely transparent and neat windows!
Post-Construction Cleanup

Post-Construction Cleanup

If the construction workers just finished their work and you have a lot of debris and trash accumulated on your property, you don't need to panic. We are specialists in bringing tidiness to freshly built spaces! Let us handle the mess with the help of our post construction cleaning solutions.
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  • Window Cleaning
  • Post-Construction Cleanup
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by Erik N. Anderson on Minerva's Cleaning Service, Inc.
Spotless Results!

I hired the excellent new construction cleaning services of this company, and I am much relieved that my new office is ready to start the moving process! The attention of the crew was great, and the results were just what I expected! I strongly recommend them!

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The Perks of Professional Cleaning

It is of great importance to any property owner to maintain a spotless living and working environment. If you turn to a professional cleaning service, you can boost the hygiene and freshness of your home or business without doing a lot of effort and investing a lot of time. Plus, you can prevent the progressive deterioration of your spaces caused by dirt.

Ensuring Spotlessness

When our valued customers turn to our team for professional cleaning services, they do it with absolute trust because they know our processes are infallible. We are meticulous cleaners, so we pay attention to every detail and every speck of dust is always removed. Plus, we take advantage of the excellent help of top-grade cleaning products and techniques.

The Areas We Serve

We are more than ready to serve all our appreciated commercial and residential clients throughout Lewisville, NC. However, we know that more people outside this area can also benefit from our expert solutions, so we are also ready to travel and offer our services to customers in the following areas:

  • Bethania Town, NC
  • Clemmonsville Township, NC
  • King, NC
  • Bethania Township, NC
  • Salem Chapel Township, NC

It is time for you to put the cleaning of your commercial or residential property in the hands of true specialists. Do not wait any more time to schedule an appointment with Minerva's Cleaning Service, Inc. by phone. Our team is excited to hear from you! Call us now!

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