A Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Service Is Only a Call Away!

After the construction or remodeling is finished, there will probably be a lot of cleaning to do before you can use the area for what it was designed for. In a timely and cost-effective manner, Minerva's Cleaning Service, Inc. is prepared to assist you with all of your post-construction cleaning needs. Don’t be reluctant to call us; our dependable construction cleanup team is prepared to work on projects throughout Lewisville, NC.

The Advantages Of Expert Construction Cleaning

Our business provides construction cleaning services that may be used both during and after the project is complete. The fact that the construction site will be clean and much safer for everyone working there is one of the main advantages of such services. By doing this, construction work will be able to proceed immediately and without interruption. You’ll want to start using your new space as soon as possible after the remodeling or construction is complete. Hiring cleaning professionals will speed up the process and quickly leave the area spotless.

Your Space Will Be Clean In No Time

We have the manpower here at Minerva's Cleaning Service, Inc. to handle both small- and large-scale construction cleaning projects. We are able to remove loose debris, sawdust, paint stains, dirt, and all other contaminants that frequently follow construction work because we have the proper equipment available at all times. You can save time and avoid the risk of breathing in dust and other contaminants by not having to clean anything yourself. Our team is equipped with the required safety equipment and is capable of handling such work without issue. We always produce flawless results by utilizing top-notch cleaning supplies!

Make an appointment with Minerva's Cleaning Service, Inc. at your earliest convenience for a thorough post-construction cleaning service. All of our clients in Lewisville, NC can expect our assistance in cleaning up their recently built homes. Call us right away at (336) 297-6068.

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